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Hünfeld is a sought-after location for young families who want to realize their dream of owning their own home, but also for housing construction for all generations. This is not least due to the dynamic economic development of the city in the heart of Germany and in the middle of Europe, which ensures high demand. This demand is met on favourable terms by an offensive land policy.

From the overview below you can find information about the municipal building areas currently under planning. However, we would like to point out that the information provided is non-binding, as changes may occur depending on the planning stage. It is possible for each building area to express interest and to sign up for a list of interested parties.

The City of Hünfeld has drawn up an award policy for municipal residential plots for own use.

Soil guide values/BORIS Hessen

BORIS Hessen is a soil reference value information system that enables a free online search for all Hessian soil reference values. In BORIS Hessen you can determine in which soil reference zone an address is located (street, house number, town).

In BORIS Hessen the soil reference values for the reporting date 01. 01. 2022 are presented. Soil guide values are re-established every two years.

Here you can find an overview of the construction areas under planning:


Baugebiet "Fuchswinkel"

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Baugebiet „Am Kleegarten“

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Baugebiet „Helene-Weber-Straße“

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Baugebiet „Höhenlage Molzbach“

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Baugebiet „Weinberg"

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Baugebiet „Margarethenweg“

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Baugebiet "Indra"

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Baugebiet „Am Kiest"

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