Economic Development / Urban Marketing

Business Development and City Marketing

Municipal economic development is essential for the strengthening of Hünfeld as an economic and employment location. It is part of the public service and contributes to improving the quality of life. Its task is to help shape the local and regional framework conditions for economic action, so that the working and living conditions of the people are positively influenced. It is therefore an important cross-cutting task.

A central contact person is intended to establish contacts within the administration and the entire group of the city of Hünfeld with the economy, so that it serves as a unified link in relation to the concerns of the companies.

In this respect, the main task of economic development is to support the companies in the city of Hünfeld. This claim essentially includes the following specific objectives:

  • Safeguarding existing jobs and creating the framework conditions for new ones
  • Creating an economic climate geared to the strengths of the city of Hünfeld
  • Strengthening the competitiveness of the site
  • Securing and strengthening the financial strength of the municipality